Hawkeye Huddle – The Swarm

I am sure every fan of every college football team is biased over the quality of their team’s pre-game atmosphere.  I am no different.  To me, there is nothing quite like the pre-game atmosphere of Kinnick.  There are a lot of traditions:

  • Getting “ready for the boom” as the Hawkeye Marching Band takes the field for the pre-game show
  • The first glimpse of the Hawkeye captains as they leave the locker room and their image is broadcast over the video boards and “Back in Black” begins and the fans intensity level begins its ascent.
  • “Enter Sandman” playing over the loudspeakers as video plays of the Hawkeye equipment truck barreling through Hawkeye Nation and eventually squashing the current foe’s avatar
  • The Swarm, as the Hawkeyes enter the field, in tight, hand-held formation as the Fight Song is played and the huge I-O-W-A flags are proudly carried across the field.

From Section 138, The Swarm begins to take shape.  Go Hawks!


Lining Up for THE SWARM



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