Views from Kinnick 138

In keeping up with the theme of this blog, here are some images I took of the stadium from some of the most memorable games.  Of course, who will forget the atmosphere of the Northwestern game?  Pre-game card stunts, under the lights, Stripes, Ricky was in the house.  And the Hawkeyes finally got the best of the Wildcats.

The 1st of 2 card stunts was performed by the Kinnick crowd during the playing of the National Anthem. This was very impressive for fans attending the game. I remember hearing the guy behind me say “I felt like I just did something special.” Indeed. Let’s hope this is a yearly tradition during the season’s biggest game at Kinnick.

Moments after the National Anthem was completed, the fans performed the 2nd of 2 card stunts, paying tribute to Iowa’s farmers.

This is quickly becoming a favorite tradition of mine, the striping of Kinnick. 2011 marked the second year for this idea for fan involvement.


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